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10 year warranty

The Warranty for surface treatment of the wooden windows, of the balcony doors PSK and FS portales modiefied by varnishes ADLER with the system High Res ( scumble and covering varnishes) are giving 10 years warranty. In the guarantees do not fall the window grilles and the entrance doors, since it is given considerably greater burden of wear and damage. On the Windows made of oak and scrumble and covering varnishes is warranted for 7 years. The guarantee applies to the integrity of lake film without making a blistering and flaking. Small variations in the degree of gloss to the 10 units can be tolerated, as well as a variety of the colors of wood for the surface treatment with the scrumble. In the case of errors the company Adler has the right to decide to restore the varnish coating on your own and Exchange parts. Further damages are not covered under warranty. This does not limit the legal guarantee for the warranty and shall apply solely to legal claims only in Slovakia.

Mintal 040

Obligations of the customer:

At least once a year a Visual inspection of the surface of the window and total written status report window to window surfaces. Subject to the overall visual inspection of the surface is:

  • the integrity of the surface treatment
  • check compactness of the connections window ( the occurence of the filiform cracks in the connection)
  • mechanical damage to the surfaces of the window (for example after the hail, the construction works)

The internal representation of substances (e.g. resin) is not covered by the warranty. In addition, they are not covered by the guarantee of the mechanical damage, for example. the hail and flood damage and may lead to the entry of water under a film. In these cases, it is necessary to immediately repair the damaged places. This is also true for conditional damage to Windows as a result of diffusion of humidity, which may result from poor ventilation (called winter building damages).

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