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The MINTAL brand has been operating on the market since 1988. In 1996, the company focused on the production of aperture fillings and set the whole further development both spatially and technologically. Since 2005 he has been operating in his own modern production and administrative premises in the village of Sielnica on the route Zvolen - Banská Bystrica.

Arial Mintal

During the following years, a significant modernization of technological equipment was carried out, where the trend of using modern and sophisticated CNC technology with priority focusing on the accuracy and quality of the machined surface took place at the key positions of mechanical woodworking. These steps have made the company one of the most important wood-based window manufacturers in Slovakia.

Mintal 040

The company is applying advanced trends to the production of wood-aluminum windows where their share exceeds 90% of total production.

The company also has extensive experience in the field and a significant position in the industry in the SLOVENERGOokno professional association of Slovakia, whose main idea is to promote energy-efficient windows and doors, professional procedures for the installation of windows as well as the principles of decency and fairness in the window industry

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