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The Ten Rules of Proper Window Installation

  1. Window or door must be mounted in the construction hole by mechanical means. Foam, glue and similar materials such as fixing means are not allowed.
  2. During Assembly, make sure that the sealing materials are dry, in order to maintain their thermal function!
  3. When choosing means of fastening it is necessary to take into account the influence of moisture and temperature, allowing the dilation of the materials. The forces caused by the dilation of the building structure must not be passed on to the construction of the window or door. Attachment also must adhere to the distribution of posts and, therefore, the horizontal and vertical dividing elements-bearers, and to comply with the minimum spacing from them. Failure to comply distancees is to unexpected course of internal forces in frames, creation of stress and deformation. As a result of the non-contiguous frame wings to the window frame, which non-bearing on the internal seals leaks, infiltration of cold air in the profiles, and penetration of the driven rain.
  4. The arrangement of layers in the must allow for ventilation (diffusion of water vapour) outwards! Safeguard measures are necessary, as well as from the outside. Mounting foam or other insulating material in the Terminal window is necessary to protect both the from the outside! About 5% of the moisturizing of the insulating material will reduce its termotechnical chracteristics about 50%. The principle applies: the more tightly than the outside from the inside!
  5. Used insulation foam must fill the entire gap between the window and building design! If the insulation does not occupy the entire width and length of the gap and the lintel of the lining, the perimeter of the frame of the window structure, or may drop below the temperature of the dew point temperature in detail, which directly leads to condensation.
  6. The rules require: closing the connection joints in the outer shell of the building must comply with state of the techniques and must ensure a permanent hermetic seal.
  7. The corners of the outer sides of parapets shall be sealed so as un waterlog thermal insulation under external parapet board.
  8. Care should be taken to sufficient heat to the exterior sill izolated parapet at the same time to prevent the penetration of water under the outer plate and the steam into the detail of the Interior.
  9. How to contact with sealing foam material never used the plaster! the plaster is not sufficient protection against the effects of permeable to water or humidity produced by the Interior.
  10. Contacts and connections must be sealed with the requisite life-bearing impact of effective sealing materials, weather.

How to avoid mistakes in the assembly?

To the contracts for the installation of the window indicate the requirement according to STN 73 3134 and ask for the Assembly fitting only from the Assembly groups trained by the SLOVENERGOokno according to the standards!

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