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Wall fan aeropack

Fresh air is an essential condition for a healthy and comfortable living. Noisy surroundings with air, rail or road transport or increased noise from the street make ventilation the open window of a disruptive factor. Open Windows make it easy to give them the room noise, dust and breakage, exhaust fumes, insects and various allergens. In addition, the open window in the winter months when ventilation is to high heat loss, which increases the cost of heating. However, not only from the outside impends a danger to health. Sources of harmful substances in the air are diverse: building materials, floor coverings or other furniture, cigarette smoke and detract from the quality of the air in the room cleaners.

Aeropack Mintal


Poor ventilation causes an increase in moisture inside the building, the formation of downy, increased fatigue, nausea, allergies, headaches, and nervousness, reduced performance, which have resulted in a weakening of the immune system and the emergence of a variety of health problems. For our health and the quality of sleep is essential for our body regenerates, heals and resting. In poorly ventilated areas is not a peaceful night's sleep. But even in rooms with high levels of noise. Lack of sleep causes directly or indirectly various difficulties: impaired concentration, nervousness, stress, or elevated blood pressure. These changes are part of the usual risk factors for cardiovascular disease.


The ideal solution to these problems is a wall fan AEROPAC ®. Even with closed Windows provide the room fresh air without any noise from the outside. It is so perfect in your bedroom. It absorbs external noise as well as approximately 40 cm thick wall (> 50 dB). Works almost noiselessly-a noise is only 24 dB (A). Thanks-adjustable timer it is possible to ventilate well during your sleep patterns or absence. The intensity of the ventilation is infinitely adjustable. Consumption is low as the TV in stand-by status. For filtering of fresh air is available for several types of filters: dust filter, a filter with activated carbon and filter fine dust and pollen. The exchange of the filter you need to notify the exchange of the indicator. With the ventilation device the ventilation issue during your secure AEROPAC ® is absent. Despite the closed Windows ensures the continuous exchange of air in the room. In view of the low fitting is also ideal for retrofitting in the reconstruction and modernisation of buildings. In combination with soundproof Windows makes of the four walls again a place of peace and relaxation.

AEROPAC ® is available in a variety of colors for a perfect integration into each user environment. Body: high gloss finish.

The colours of body:

  • white( like RAL 9003)
  • black (like RAL 9005)

The colours of the front cover:

  • white (like RAL 9003)
  • black (like RAL 9005)
  • beige grey (like RAL 7006)
  • creamy grey ( like RAL 7039)
Technical data

sound proofing like DIN EN ISO 140-10

with the standard dust filter (G3):

2 sliding locks open1 sliding locks open both sliding locks close
Dn,e,w =50 dB Dn,e,w =53 dB Dn,e,w =57 dB
own noise according DIN EN ISO 3741,when 60m3/h (sA0=10m2): LPA= 24 dB
The intensity of the ventilation: filter G3 (dust) filter F5 (soft dust and fine dust) filter with the active caron
cca. 30- 180 m3/h cca. 15- 160 m3/h cca. 15- 160 m3/h
elektrical connection230 V~/ 50 Hz/0,14 A
the cap bar, when: 5 W
the connection cable (wound at): max. 4,5 m, white, with the europlug
the parameters (W x H x D) in mm: 270 x 467 x 132

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