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Window Maintenance

For the Windows with PU system s.c. "3 generations":

The quality of finishes Windows fy. MINTAL wall systems „3 generations“. Excellent resistance to aggressive in spite of the impact of the external environment requires regular care. First of all it is recommended to regularly check the outer surfaces of the wooden parts of the well fills. Special attention should be paid to extreme effortfullproduct (Windows on the sunny side). Any indications of damage must be reported immediately to fix it. Also the cleaning of the surface can only be made with a fine and a few aggressive detergents free of synthetic solvents and alcohol. The removal of impurities, which result is unacceptable to scratch the surface.

Udrzba Okien Mintal

For the regular treatment of the fy. ADLER offers carefull kit ADLER Fensterpflegeset consistis of cleaning solution ADLER TOP Cleaner and ending renovated ADLER TOP Finish. This set of treated surface of min. 1 x per year (outdoor) provides a significant extension of the life of the coating, its renovation, and last but not least also the revival of glamour.


For the Windows with PU "HIGHRES":

Despite a 10-year warranty without maintenance fy. It is recommended that in addition to the compulsory and regular checking and reporting the ADLER in the surface of the window and sporadic treatment of the surface of the carefull kit of ADLER Fensterpflegeset.

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