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Multi-layer wooden glued beam meeting the requirements of standards DIN 68 360 is a basic construction material for the production of wooden Windows. In order to maintain stability, it is important to use the upper Prism shaped slat design. the angular (parallel and pointing to the tree rings) wood and either:

  • fixed
  • line linking
Drevo Mintal

In order to achieve energy saving window is an important requirement criteria to use plants with a volume weight of around 350-480 kg/m3. As is "the harder the material, the better the thermal conductivity and insulating ability impaired" we use soft and medium-hard wood species:

  • spruce
  • red spruce
  • red meranti

S.c. light red Meranti –heart wood is light pink through light red to light brown. This wood is easy to hard wood, which after drying for 12 (+ 3-2)% density of 385-480 kgm3).

Tough hardwood-oak-does not fit the (over 520 kg/m3) is not suitable for use in the manufacture of energy efficient Windows.

For special requirements, we also offer constructional solution in combination with s.c. termowood blades (thermal treated wood) the heat treatment increases resistance to biological pest control and water resistance.

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