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Sill sheets

For a perfect recovery of rainwater, we offer a range of external sheet metal parapet. This is an aluminium prefabricated components in the thickness of 2 mm in modular widths of 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150, 165, 180, 195, 210, 220, 240, 260, 280, 320, 340, 360, 400 mm and in the length of the 6000mm.

Endings (caps) in plastic or aluminium material are available for the ending of the sheets and allow the installation of sills between the finished lining or embedding in the lining.

There are also system connection elements in the corner or continuous connection. At 90, 135, 180 degrees.

Colour design:

bronze anodized (medium)

  • EV1 ( natural elox)
  • white
  • in the same colour aluminium (for the supplied aluminium - aluminium windows)

Sill boards

To complement the perfect aesthetic feeling, we provide the customer with the installation of window sills in two basic versions:

  • laminated ( DTD)
  • solid wood
  • MDF veneer

Interior Blinds

The MINTAL company provides wide selection of window shading technology by delivering products of the K-SYSTÉM company. Interior blinds are offered in BASIC DESIGN and Bella options in all sorts of colours and slat designs as well as basic supporting materials.

Exterior Blinds

In order to meet all requirements of our clients regarding mounting of exterior shading technology, we meticulously prepare all details of exterior blinds and roller blinds installation. The subsequent implementation is secured through co-operation with technicians of the partnership organisation.

Insect-stopping Nets

For the delivery of nets against insects we work with producers K-system.According to the design, we provide a choice between more of the variety:

  • Removable - a net in a frame with attaching swivels
  • Rolling - a net anchored with a rolling mechanism
  • Opening - a net on anchored hinges allowing passing through
  • Pleated door nets "Nobarrier" for complete folding to create a pass-through zone
  • No-barrier rolling door nets "NobaRoll"


To complement the perfect aesthetic feel and to match the color shades on the surface of the window elements, we offer the customer the delivery of a complex coating system from Remmers. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The special feature is excellent wood protection, simple application, long-term UV protection, a wide range of shades.

  • HK Lasur
  • HSL - 30/m
  • Induline Mix & Go
  • Brush

Maintenance of windows and doors in exterior

As the windows and doors are exposed to dirt after finishing work, and consequently to the external environment for regular maintenance, we supply our customers with cleaning and care kits for the maintenance of exterior window frame surfaces.

For regular treatment of exterior wooden surfaces we offer so-called Fensterpflegeset treatment kit consisting of Cleaner and Finish. This set of treated (mainly outer) surface once a year provides a significant prolongation of the surface treatment life, its regeneration and, last but not least, revitalization of gloss.

  • Fensterpflegeset - Fenster - for use on windows
  • Hausturenpflegeset - for use on doors

For the cleaning of aluminium surfaces, we recommend using the ALU-Cleaner Aluminium Cleaning Kit. It has an increased ability to dissolve dirt and has a very good degreasing ability.

  • ALU - Cleaner

Window protection after installation

For work where there is a risk of damage to the windows and it is necessary to protect them with a tape or foil against contamination by cement, mortar, lime, and the like. We offer our customers a range of TESA protective tapes. Other bent tapes can also be used to protect them in accordance with the MINTAL product manual.

  • Tesa 4439

Safety inserts

For the supplied entrance door, MINTAL offers customers advice and delivery of certified safety inserts. We recommend replacing the liner in connection with moving or completing all interior and exterior work.

The special features of the inserts are the special shape extending the lifetime, protection against rubbing, protection against drilling, protection against "SG method".

Keys can only be duplicated by authorized partners based on a security card.

Resistance class RC 4, safety certificate according to EN 1303 .

Waterproofing foils

To address the details of the connection of the MINTAL threshold systems to the waterproofing protection system of the building, we provide the customers with system sealing foils on request to create a watertight barrier on the exterior of the structure.

The film is very well moldable and fastens to a non-porous substrate with a synthetic rubber based polymer.

Such a joint then resists aging, temperature changes and extreme dilatation.

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