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Sliding Fittings with the lift of the wings with the motor control Mh S400

Sliding doors with side wings with a power-operated MHS400 bring nontraditional comfort into your home. Large sliding elements with a stroke to give the movement an impressive optical accents and improve the quality of living and life. However, this is especially true when they are fully automatically opened and closed. SIEGENIA-AUBI offers a unique solution: the system controls quickly and quietly until the weight of the elements of the MHS400 400 kg. The engine on the wing and a propulsion system opens or closes the stopper moves to the desired position, which you specify using the comfortable wing of the remote control. Effectively prevents injury to the intelligent management of people when you move the wings. Surface mounting of the actuator for displacement and stroke makes the product ideal for retrofitting. The system has choice of manual control for the power failure.

Control by fingerprint

High comfort of living and operation control elements using the offers fingerprint, which improved the MHS400 is unique in the industry. Smart use of different fingerprint of each user allows you to not only open the door, but as well lock. In addition to the high comfort of handling the new system puts minimal strain on the mounting and cabling, therefore the system was reduced to a minimum consumption of necessary components.

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Material swatches

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