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Tild-sliding fitting PORTAL PSK 200-ZPLUS with the forced control

Optimized for large-area sliding elements weighing 200 kg 200-ZPlus overwhelms the fittings with forced control PORTAL PSK is actually thoughtful and extremely light control system. Thanks to the comfortable control of the scissors is forced even large and heavy wing can be folded down and scroll with just one hand. Sliding one hand using the ergonomically shaped handles to control the wing. It is just as easy as well as close-by turning the handle with one hand on the folded wing position to the same moves from the wing folded position to the closed (no need to retract the wing with both hands to the closed position). High-strength materials used in the manufacture of fittings allow you to construct sliding wing weighing up to 200 kg, making it possible to use special safety glass with high thermal insulation and weight. The perfect combination of quality, aesthetics, functionality and a first-rate material is evident. It is possible to use a lockable gearbox in combination with standard lockable adapter, which is also in the folded position. Improved the quality of the fittings you will feel during the first contact with the PSKPlus PORTAL.The unique design of the handles and the ability to color matching with caps offer a variety of variations of color representation of fittings

Available in the colors:

  • signal white (RAL 9003)
  • darkbrown (RAL 8022)
  • silver (EV1)
  • medial bronze (C33)
  • steel F9

Tild-sliding fitting PORTAL PSK 160PLUS with the unforced control

Modern tild-sliding door provide generous space for life and a higher quality of living. Bring more light, freedom and comfort to your home. Specially developed for small and medium-sized wings allows fitting PSK PORTAL 160PLUS, thanks developed technology and a uncomplecated using. Ergonomically shaped handles for rotation by 90 °, it is possible to move the wing to the folded position. Another twist is the wing gets into sliding position. It is necessary to retract into the frame when closing the wing and secure the handle. There are handles, lockable handles and double handles with a one-sided opening for the cylindric insertion with an outer crank (for control of exterior side); suitable for use on sliding elements with external shutters. sieťkami insect. Handles are standardly delivered in white, silver, Brown and medium bronze. Forging is standardly delivered with parts for your safety. For the tild-sliding fitting with a general indication of the possible is a fundamental safety wing is so aggravated burglary.

Overview of schemes

Scheme A: 1 sliding sash / 1 fixed wing *

Portaly Psk1

Scheme C: 2 sliding sash / 2 fixed wing *

Portaly Psk2

Scheme G: 1 sliding sash / 2 fixed wing *

Portaly Psk3

Scheme K: 2 Sliding sash / fixed wing 1 *

Portaly Psk4

Instead of a fixed wing can be used hung sash. Just hung sash with rosette Si-line inside a removable handle.

The width of the wings in the groove (FBB) 770 mm - 2000 mm 670 mm - 1600 mm*
The high of the wings in the groove (FFH), schema A,G,K,C1 1000 mm - 2360 mm 840 mm - 2360 mm
The high of the wings in the groove (FFH), schema C 1690 mm - 2360 mm
scheme C2a, C2b
1880 mm - 2360 mm
scheme C2
External width of the frame (RAB) according to profile system derived from FFB
under the scheme A max. 4260 mm
under the scheme C max. 8520 mm
under the scheme G max. 6390 mm
under the scheme K max. 8520 mm
according to profile system derived from FFB
A scheme for max. 3460 mm
Load 200 kg 160 kg

Material swatches

See the current offer of colour samples. Actual samples available at our shop.


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