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Finish and colour


In 2011, the company received permission from the firm ADLER-Austria, to put into practice the surface treatment of their products to indoor system 4 generation HighRes. This is a groundbreaking system finishes for wood Windows, which surpassed the time!

In recent years, have been employed by searching and product development application company, ADLER has more to offer. Thus HighRes was born, which combines the unique technology applying latest findings of science and technology. The technology that brought on the market as well as surface treatment, which wins the fight against time.

What does HighRes bring to You?

The perfect appearance of the with maximum protection

  • beautiful same coloured surfaces
  • high protection against mechanical damage
  • excellent water proof
  • good permeability of the vapour
  • perfect UV protection

Save time and money

  • without the need for further maintenance Windows for window treatments throughout the 10 year how to guarantee
  • by saving your time and your wallet
  • 10 years warranty withou some other papers
  • Adler will ensure that a producer who complies with all quality expectations for the Adler HighRes uses the fulfillment of the guarantee

Long life

  • guarantied 10years
  • to can extend the life of your window using the window treatment Set

The system HighRes - guaranteed 10 years without treatment

7 good arguments

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01B V

Protection against water absorption

Standard scuble varnish can withstand permanent loads of running water (long rain periods) only in a limited time, then begins to penetrate through the water, it whited and the white film loses its transparency. But not thick film of water of diluter Aquawood DSL-3 generation of stain: dense cross-linking film prevents absorbovaniu water permanently.

02 V

Water permeability

High water permeability is an advantage in all situations, where the influence of high humidity of the internal space increased to diffused load, such as a building, which are heated during the winter, but often only inadequately ventilated. Our lasures and varnishes with very high permeability to water vapour and thus prevent damage due to moisture. In any case, but must carry out regular ventilation!

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The products ADLER for the surface treatment is always indicated very high elasticity. These results are even better: scumbled film of thick film scumble DSL can, for example, to double the length of the stretch. To ensure that continuous bulking agent and drying of the wood is constans fim of the varnish -no risk of microcracks and strong temperature fluctuations.

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04B V

Excellent grip in the wet

Even when strongly wet wood, as can happen during longer periods of rain or high humidity, the room temperature at a constant rate of 3 generations maintained a flawless fit to varnish and lasures the substrate.

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05B V

Very high resistance to hail

The scumble film achieves its protective effect if is where is intact. A strong hail damage to water and moisture will scumble film often and you will find the unimpeded access to wood. New types of resins offer resistance to cracking, 3 generations that can withstand the impact of hail.

06 V

The most modern UV protection

All color shades scumbles of 3 generation again improved in order to meet the highest criteria of protection UV chromatosis. Even the palest hues of the scumbles block more than 90% of the UV radiation harmful for wood (on the figure in blue). We use the latest methods of measurement in the short windy results are permanently checked.

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Leveling colour

Leveling and soacked colours of wooden materials we've worked heavily compensating for their research work. As a result of impregnation and scumbles, which guarantee to the problem is found.

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