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The transition to an innovative system of the full-cicuit forging TITNAN AF was inducted into the standard equipment:

  • a comfortable integrated mushroom pin with elevation adjustment (makes it easy to control, the optimal setting, adaptation to change when you change the temperature, the higher security class (WK 1) in basic design)
  • safety frame contrapieces (minimum friction and abrasion)
  • fuse defective control (easy to assemble, great range of dimensional tolerances for holdback of the functionality)
  • scissors (simpler and easier closing and tilting of the integrated safeguard against salming in the folded position)
  • patient wings "Inliner" (the possibility of using the arc and sloped Windows)
  • gudgeons (more attractive design, protection against strinking out in the folded position, the plastic bearing)
  • integrated protection against shifting, shaped funcional extension lever ensures easy maneuverability

Titan Af Kovanie

Fittings TITAN AF allows you to control Windows using the window handles are available for comfortable heavily placed on the lower side of the wings. Finishing TITAN Silber brings a general resistance. the influence of the weather. Thanks to the three sections of the ultimate resistance according to DIN 50021SS.

Forging allows to produce Windows:

  • opening
  • folding
  • opening-folding

In the shapes:


  • arc
  • strut

Operating and maintenance circumferential window fittings TITAN

Window fittings TITAN AF

Assembly tools PORTAL PSK plus

HS PORTAL sliding fittings with a lifting wing

Sliding hardware with a lifting wing with motor control MHS400

Locks KFV - Instructions for use

Wall fan Aeropac

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