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MINTAL ENERGY VG wood-aluminium window

Energy Vg

The MINTAL ENERGY VG wood-aluminium window brings a new product to the Slovak market, which will undoubtedly attract the general public with its topquality vacuum insulating glazing window properties. This product literally represents a revolution compared to the inert gas windows used so far.
The traditional wood design coupled with the aesthetic finish of the protective exterior aluminium cladding ensures maintenance-free and weather-proof.
The window is equipped with the most modern so-called hidden fittings (without visible hinges) from the Siegenia Company with increased load capacity compared to classic forging. It provides modern design and long-lasting durability even when choosing large glass wings. Our goal is to bring this product to the market in the shortest possible time.

The heat transition coefficient of frame Uf 0,74 W/m2.K
The heat transition coefficient of glazing Ug 0,58 W/m2.K
The heat transmission window Uw 0,64 W/m2.K
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